With a Beaming Hope through the Tumultuous Days


Takumi Ueda was born to a father and mother who were running a family business selling cigarettes and groceries in a Buraku community located in Hinode, Osaka. He has one elder and one younger brother and two younger sisters.
When U.S. bombers raided Osaka in 1945, a firebomb hit the house next door. Luckily the shell didnft go off, but it totally destroyed T.U.'s store, leaving the whole family without shelters. This terrifying experience taught him the horror of war.

¬ŠwZŽž‘ãFŒC–‚« From at the early age, T.U. helped the parents at their store, which gave him a chance to learn how to do business. In the elementary school, he was already a shoeshine boy, earning money to support the family.

The house was torn down again by a typhoon called "Jane" when he was a sixth grader. The next year, the father died from tuberculosis. He was 42 years old. The mother was sickly, too.
The family had to depend on T.U. and his brother for subsistence. They sold hand-made English vocabulary notebooks and cigarettes to stationary shops and sundry stores. He passed the Grade III test for abacus skill. Young as he was, T.U. was enthralled by his small business. It brought him not only self-satisfaction but also some money to fill his pockets.

î’¬‘æ“ñ¤‹Æ‚ZŽž‘ã Ueda was dreaming of starting a business in the future, which he hoped would promise his mother and sister a big fortune. He studied hard and graduated from Awaji Junior High School in Hinode, T.U. entered Ogimachi Daini Commercial High School, where he took evening classes while working in the daytime. The life was not easy but learning gave him the greatest joy ever.
It was these days that one of the youth leaders in the community introduced him to the Buraku liberation movement.