PXRW Born in Osaka, Japan
PXTW Graduated from Ogimachi Daini Commercial High School
Appointed as a full-time organizer with the Osaka Prefectural Branch Office of Buraku Liberation League(BLL)
PXUW Elected as Secretary General of the Osaka Prefectural Office of BLL
PXVR Elected as President of the Osaka Prefetural Office of BLL
Founded the Osaka Association of Small Businesses (Renamed as Tigre in 1996)
PXWO Appointed as Deputy Director of the International Bureau of the Socialist Party of Japan
PXWW Elected as Internal Auditor of the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR)
PXXO Appointed as Chair of the Financial Affairs Commission of the Socialist Party
Elected as Vice-President of the Anti-Apartheid Parliamentariansf League
PXXR Lost seat in the House of Representatives
PXXS Elected as Secretary General of BLL
PXXU Elected as President of BLL
Assumed Honorary President of IMADR
Renamed the Association of Small Businesses to Tigre
PXXW Appointed as Honorary Advisor to BLL
Elected as a member of the Executive Board of Japan-Russia Friendship Forum
QOOO Elected as Acting Chair of the Chiune Sugihara Centennial Celebration Committee
Presented a special award in recognition of his devotion to the community development of Harlem