Date of Birth June 24, 1938 (Year of Tiger in Chinese Zodiac)
Education Ogimachi Daini Commercial High School in Osaka
Hobbies Computer, Golf, Photography
Favorite books Any book on Japanese and world history

Literary works gBurakufs fight goes on.h(San-ichi Shinsho, 1974)
gLiberation of Buraku and Restoration of Human Dignityh(Meiji Tosho, 1974)
gHeavy taxes kill the nation.h (Ningensha, 1985)
gTax filing is your own right.h (Ningensha, 1991)

*The above-mentioned books were either co-authored or compiled by Ueda.

Titles and positions President, Tigre
President, Japan International center for Friendship and Exchange
Vice-President, Japan-Russia Association
Director General, National Association of Education for Buraku Liberation